Koza globally, which is the main company-owned Electronics Ayyıldız with 34 years of international experience in sales, marketing and export are working.

With our experience in integrating technology in the developing world is always committed to delivering a better product acquisition and sale.

we are proud of being the industry leader In our country

Creating a difference in the international market, while offering quality and affordable products at the same time are able to make delivery in our warehouse.

High-tech companies who buy our products ready for sale we offer the advantages of a customs.This sales system, There is no quantity requirement.

Our company has in Europe, Africa and the Middle East exports to many countries.

Provide sales and service to 81 cities in Turkey.

Goldmaster under the name of a high quality product range is increasing every day.

Goldmaster brand,is  known and trusted  in satellite receiver and electronics industry by everyone in anywhere of Turkey


The Mission of Koza Globally;

- Used for a long time to the end consumer with the right dealer to sell a solid and complete products,

One time, and not a lot to trade continuously,

Provide quality after-sales service for Goldmaster products,

Considering the interests of firms working with us to trade.